Why Is Positive Thinking Important?

Positive ThinkingPositive thinking is when people see the positive or good side of something or someone. It’s important to be a positive thinker in everyday life. Personally, I used to do otherwise by grumbling, gossiping people, and so on because I didn’t know the importance and benefits of positive thinking. Eventually, after I read a lot about ulasan tentang pikiran manusia, I found out that positive thinking is crucial because of the reasons below:

Positive thinking is optimism. Yes, it is. If we think positively, it means that we hope that something good will come to us. We wish the situation is as what we expected. It is called optimism. In achieving goals, a person must be optimistic to be highly motivated to put effort and work hard. For instance, when we dream of graduating with 4.00 GPA, we need to be an optimistic person to make it happen because it is possible.

Positive thinking can build better relationship with our loved ones. Once you think positive, you’ll make positive attitude and bring positive energy to the people around. That’s right. Thinking positively could also lead to a better relationship with your loved ones. In friendship, you need to trust your friend and see the positive side about them although they have some lacks. They’ll do the same to you for sure. It is also applicable to your family and relationship or marriage.

In addition, positive thinking also makes your life better because you’ll be stress-free and not worry about your life problems. Let’s think positively, guys!

Benefits of Having Good Web Design

Why online shop is left by online customers easily have you any idea? Yeah…there are several reasons, among the reasons is poor website design. The customers are often not enthusiastic about directing or trying to find items they desire, if online shop website doesn’t have great website design. They often abandon the website in moments. Therefore, if you’re an internet store owner, you’ve to design your website in addition to probable since having superior website design you will get numerous benefits, such as:

drive more customersAttract more online consumers. Having good web design you supply benefit for readers when they’re directing and locating items that they wish, particularly when you’ve good merchandise types and handle different articles tidily. Besides, they’ll be thinking about transacting with you consistently and visiting your website.

Improve customers’ stability. Some web developers think that web screen may represent how critical your dedication in online business. Log in button, course purchase button, etc. you’ve to get ready to be left by them quickly, if your internet site appears where consumers get any troubles to find look button disorganized. On the other hand, having great website design you ultimately demonstrate that the shop is trusted one. Customers’ stability is increased by it for merchandise and your retailer.

Boost revenue charge. In moving in your website comfort is one of many aspects that can attract online customers to-do deal particularly when they can locate and purchase goods that they need quickly. Therefore, you’ll be able to enhance revenue charge rapidly.

This is fairly the proper selection, should you choose this moment to Bali as your vacation destination. Since, you have nothing to get rid of considering Bali has visitor locations still quite normal, awesome, possibly unique and exciting.

LLuggage. The spot may be seen as a bag lodging hotels for people who’ve an experienced economic capacity. It may even be viewed because the tourist who would like to make additional convenience and protection.

  • Villa Casis. This apartment is 200 meters from Sanur Beach. This apartment offers 6 rooms, children’s pool, complete kitchen, parks, library, and so forth. The tourists could remain in this apartment with 3 night minimum bid price around IDR 11.505 thousand.
  • Ramada Resort from Indonesia. This 4 star hotel is about 20 minute from the airport. The hotel offers deluxe rooms per night approximately 1,250 thousand dollars, daladala suite of approximately IDR 4,171 million, and IDR 5,752 thousand for a suite from Bali.

Not only this, Bali can also be a reasonably full vacation destination, especially when it comes to lodging. The idea? Indonesia provides budget hotel relative to the tourists. When it comes to housing which range from bags to briefcases are typical provided.

Backpack. Accommodations backpack could be claimed bottom for tourists who desire a holiday but don’t have sufficient finances to employ capable luxurious resorts.

  • Good Juice Homestay. The people could choose one of many 4 locations available.
  • Teba Residence Ubud Guest House. It is A 1 star guest house situated at Jalan Sugriwa 59, Ubud, Bali, or just around 90 minutes towards the airport.




Get Closer with Children

Relationship 2There is no harm if you become a career woman. Besides being able to help the family financially, you can always take care of your appearance. Although it has become a career woman, it would be better to not forget your duties as a housewife, one of which is to build closeness with your child.

Do not let being busy working; you are getting away with your child. Therefore, this will make your child feel no respect not even dear to you. By the way, how do I get up closeness with the child?

  • Provide a fairy tale. Steps you can do to get closer to your child are to give a fairy tale when she fell asleep. While telling stories, you can give a touch to the hair and body.
  • Invite vacation together. There is no harm if you take the time to vacation with your child. Playing in the holidays with is not likely to further increase your closeness with the child.
  • Give compliments. Another thing that is quite simple that you can do is to give praise to the child. Who else wants to praise unless you as parents.
  • Invite eat together. There is no harm if you take a little time to eat with your child. As well as lunch or dinner with the kids and your family.
  • Listen confidante. On the other hand, you can also listen to vent your children. In addition to being a mother, you can act as a friend of the children, one of them by listening to them vent.
  • Give a gift. On the other hand, you can also increase the closeness with the child in a way to give a gift on his birthday, such as giving chocolates, dolls, toys, new bag, new shoes, or so forth.


Avoid Doing These before Marriage

Every bride and groom surely wants to do best when marriage because this special event usually happens once a lifetime. Unfortunately, some bride and groom fail to get married well because they get any health disorders that make them have to be treated in hospital. If you are a bride or groom who wants to avoid getting health disorders, don’t do several things below:

diet aDo diet excessively. Looking gorgeous is a must. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to do diet excessively by not consuming enough foods and beverages every day. You need to know that if body lacks of nutrient and water, you will deal with dehydration and even typhus. If you want to do diet, do healthy diet in which you just reduce meal portion only and remain pay attention to nutrient intake.

Stay up. No matter how busy you are in preparing your marriage, you need to take enough rest. If you continue staying up, your endurance will decrease fast and you will get sick easily. You need to know that the worst effect of staying up is getting heart attack.

Stress out. Undoubtedly, one of the main stress causes is getting married. Every bride and groom usually feels depressed and anxious, so they stress out fast. Do overcome this problem, you are required to think positively and do fun things together with your families. You can cook, chat, drink tea, and watch favorite movies together.

Hopefully, by not doing the things above, your marriage can run smoothly and you can get happiness and comfort.

Holding an Online Meeting, Why Not?

online meetingTechnology, especially computer, smartphone, internet, brings so many advantages for businesses. Businesspeople can promote and advertise their products and services online to reach international market. Besides, they can easily get in touch with future and existing customers via email, live chat, social network sites, etc. In addition, computer and internet are both useful to gather a team when traditional/offline meeting seems impossible.

More and more people prefer to hold an online meeting because of the following reasons:

  1. Distance. The only way to hold a business conference with teammates, partners, or clients that live in other cities or countries is by using internet. For more than two people, you can make a video conference. Yup, distance is the main reason why people should hold an online meeting to discuss particular topics about business.
  2. Cost-effectiveness. What if you don’t have a meeting room? You might decide to go for looking for a meeting venue for rent. In fact, it is really costly since you have to pay for its rental, prepare food and beverages, pay transportation cost, and so forth. It is completely different from online meeting that doesn’t waste your money. What you need to do is preparing your internet-enable devices and balances. This is obviously far more cost-effective, right?

Face-to-face interaction does always have good results. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean online meeting is not effective and productive, right? Just be sure to prepare everything you need for online meeting (including slide/materials) to make it effective and productive! Good luck!

hotel4Pada umumnya, hotel yang ada di Lampung sekarang semakin menjamur. Pasalnya, tidak dapat dipungkiri jumlah para pelancong yang datang ke Lampung semakin meningkat tiap tahunnya. Hal inilah yang mungkin dijadikan peluang oleh para pebisnis.

Namun, hal ini tentu saja akan menimbulkan persaingan ketat antar para pebisnis. Oleh sebab itu, untuk dapat memenangkan persaingan para pebisnis harus memiliki strategi yang tepat. Nah, salah satu hotel di Lampung yang memiliki cara jitu untuk menarik pengunjung adalah Hotel Sheraton Lampung.

Memberikan fasilitas yang lengkap. Menurut Sheraton Hotel Lampung, fasilitas lengkap adalah salah satu trik ampuh untuk menarik pengunjung. Adapun beberapa fasiltas yang dimiliki yakni:

  • Bar. Tamu dapat menghibur diri selama menginap.
  • Pusat perbelanjaan. Hal ini mempermudah tamu untuk mendapatkan produk yang dibutuhkan atau diinginkan selama menginap.
  • Ruang rapat. Fasilitas ini untuk mempermudah tamu dengan tujuan bisnis.
  • Spa. Tamu hotel dapat tetap melakukan perawatan kecantikan selama menginap.
  • Pusat kebugaran dan lapangan tenis. Hal ini agar tamu tetap menjaga kebugaran selama menginap.

Memberikan pelayanan yang  maksimal. Faktanya, memberikan pelayanan prima adalah langkah yang tepat untuk menarik pengunjung yang baru atau yang pernah menginap.

  • Transfer bandara. Dalah hal ini, tamu akan dikenakan biaya tambahan.
  • Ranjang bayi. Pihak hotel tidak akan memberikan biaya tambahan untuk hal ini.
  • Bed. Bed yang sudah ada tidak akan dikenakan biaya (untuk anak di bawah 4 tahun).

bisnisfashionSeseorang enggan untuk berbisnis umumnya karena alasan tidak memiliki jiwa pebisnis, tidak memiliki cukup modal, atau tidak memiliki niat sama sekali. Bahkan, ada juga yang beralasan karena mereka tidak pandai mencari peluang usaha. Padahal, ini bukanlah alasan yang tepat karena ada banyak sumber yang bisa dijadikan inspirasi bisnis misalnya dari internet, buku, seminar, teman, dll.

Terlepas dari hal itu, saya akan mempermudah Anda dalam mendapatkan peluang atau inspirasi bisnis. Dikutip dari beberapa sumber, berikut ini peluang usaha menjanjikan yang bisa Anda terapkan.

Bisnis fashion. Zaman sekarang adalah zaman orang yang semakin menggilai fashion mulai dari pakaian, tas, sepatu, sampai dengan aksesoris penunjangnya. So, tidak ada salahnya jika Anda memenuhi kebutuhan tersebut.

Bisnis tour & travel. Sekarang liburan atau traveling sudah menjadi kebutuhan yang harus dipenuhi oleh sebagian orang. Namun, hal ini tidak menghilangkan prinsip seseorang untuk mendapatkan liburan dengan anggaran yang minim. So, Anda bisa memenuhinya dengan menjadi penyedia tour & travel.

Pantai Seger yang Bikin Seger

Pantai SegerLiburan di Lombok bisa dibilang cukup “adiktif” alias membuat ketagihan. Pasalnya, banyak sekali pantai-pantai indah yang ada di sana. Salah satunya yang terakhir saya kunjungi adalah Pantai Seger. Ada yang pernah dengar nama pantai ini atau sudah pernah berkunjung ke sana?

Dari namanya yang unik, pengunjung dapat menyimpulkan bahwa pantai ini memang bikin seger. Panorama alam yang indah nan menawan mulai dari air laut yang jernih dan biru, pasir putih, dan pepohonan hijau. Pantai yang terletak di Lombok Tengah ini sangat sejuk apalagi jika Anda ke sana tidak pada musim kemarau.

Yang paling unik dan menarik dari Pantai Seger adalah Batu Payung. Jika ditelusuri ke arah Timur, dapat dijumpai sebuah batu berukuran besar yang menghiasi pantai ini. Batu Payung berdiri dengan kokohnya dengan bentuknya yang khas. Sebagai info, pantai ini juga berdekatan dengan Pantai Tanjung Aan.

Kalo mau menikmati keindahan pantai ini, pastikan memilih hotel atau tempat penginapan terdekat. Beberapa rekomendasi yang tepat adalah Hotel Novotel Lombok, Hotel Santika Mataram, Kuta Indah Hotel, dan The Santosa Villas & Resort.

Percaya diri atau sering disingkat pede adalah sesuatu yang bisa terwujud jika sudah memiliki atau merasa yakin atas kelebihan dan kemampuan yang dimiliki, menjadikan kekurangan menjadi kelebihan, serta mengesampingkan apa kata orang dan standar yang ditekankan oleh orang lain. Faktanya, percaya diri akan memberikan dampak yang besar terhadap orang yang memilikinya. Misalnya mudah mendapat pekerjaan, mudah mendapat teman atau mudah untuk bersosialisasi (tidak kuper). Btw, apa saja hal-hal yang bisa membuat orang percaya diri?

pedeMemiliki penampilan menarik. Seseorang akan merasa percaya diri jika memiliki penampilan menarik. Penampilan menarik di sini dapat diasumsikan sebagai berikut:

  • Memiliki wajah yang cantik. Penampilan yang menarik yakni memiliki wajah yang cantik. Asumsinya, wajahnya mulus, bersinar, bebas jerawat atau komedo, dan bebas dari flek hitam.
  • Memiliki tubuh yang ideal. Di sisi lain, orang akan merasa percaya diri ketika wajah cantiknya diiringi dengan tubuh yang proporsional atau ideal.
  • Memiliki pakaian yang sesuai trend. Biasanya pakaian yang sedang digandrungi bisa menjadikan pemakainya merasa percaya diri dan bebas untuk melangkah.

Memiliki gadget terbaru. Di sisi lain, salah satu yang membuat orang merasa percaya diri adalah karena memiliki teknologi canggih yang sedang trend. Misalnya memiliki Iphone model terbaru yang dikeluarkan oleh Apple.